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Wastenot Farms creates high value soil additives from waste. Since 2013 we have used organic residuals as feedstock for a million red wiggler worms who manufacture our signature product Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure.

Worm manure is Mother Nature's best, all-natural healthy way to regenerate ecosystems. Feeding food waste to worms (instead of landfill) builds biologically-active earth, that grows nutrient-dense food, and facilitates the sequestration of carbon in soil to reverse climate change.

Soil Food Web Analysis

Wastenot Farms is pleased to announce that as of Spring 2022 we will be a Soil Food Web Lab certified under Dr. Elaine's Soil Food Web School.

Our services will now include soil microbiology analysis to aid growers in implementing regenerative practices. Suitable for those who are passionate about growing healthy crops, novice gardeners through to experienced farmers will benefit from this analysis as it provides the data and details needed to improve soil health.

Our quantitative soil analysis report includes the following:

  • Bacterial count (including actinobacteria and total bacteria)
  • Fungal count (beneficial fungi)
  • Oomycete count (disease-causing fungi-like organisms)
  • Nematode count & classification
  • Protozoa count (including both flagellates & ciliates)

This service includes a custom report with interpretation and a 30m report review with our Soil Food Web lab technician (and Wastenot's founder) Jocelyn Molyneux. Together we'll ensure you understand the results and implications of your soil analysis. Additionally, every analysis includes a free 800g bag of Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure - a simple first step in improving your soil's health and biology.

Book your Soil Food Web Analysis now for $199 + tax
Email jocelyn@wastenotfarms.com to reserve your spot.

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