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Wastenot's Owner/Operator Jocelyn Molyneux
Wastenot’s Owner/Operator Jocelyn Molyneux
Jocelyn Molyneux has developed a process she calls applied regenerative resource management. In practical terms this means she turns garbage into a valuable resource that actually improves the resource cycle over time. This amazing regenerative process is based on natures intelligence. Rather than degrade the environment or minimize harm, as is the case with land fill, flaring waste methane or even waste bioreactors, the Wastenot system actually improves the soil quality and sequesters carbon back into the soil. Turning waste into a resource is a passion, science and business for Jocelyn.

She worked as a professional waste auditor at Turtle Island Recycling (now GFL). Jocelyn completed her Master’s in Applied Environmental Science at Ryerson University, writing her thesis on factors influencing use of the Blue Box curbside recycling program. Here’s a link:

Jocelyn is an engaging speaker and experienced facilitator that naturally shares her passion with the crowd, empowering them to take action and implement sustainable behaviours.

As Owner & Operator of Wastenot Farms, Jocelyn knows first hand what it takes to build a startup in Ontario’s circular economy. Her investor pitch for Wastenot Farms Green Bins Growing workplace food waste recycling service has won several pitch competitions including the Agri-tech & Food-tech category at CNE Innovators Garage in 2016.

Jocelyn is trained in The Natural Step, a technique to help organizations envision a sustainable future and develop a plan to achieve that sustainability vision.

Jocelyn is available to hire to consult and speak on the following topics:

  • sustainable waste management
  • food waste / organics
  • the Circular Economy
  • worm composting
  • making your workplace environmentally friendly
  • recycling

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Biographical Summary

Jocelyn Molyneux’s life-long passion for recycling began in high school when she organized a one-sided copy paper collection program, up-cycling discarded sheets into attractive quarter-page notepads. At Bishop’s University Jocelyn completed both business administration and neuroscience degrees, winning the Ferguson Cup for all-around contribution. As President of the Students’ Union, she refined her leadership skills and entrepreneurial acumen, setting up the Sustainable Development Action Group and bringing together diverse stakeholders to tackle University sustainability challenges; the first of which was to implement an organics recycling program in the cafeteria.

Managing the development and implementation of the Green Buildings & Workplaces Challenge for environmental non-profit Ecology Ottawa gave Jocelyn insight into the sustainability needs of offices. Jocelyn learned the ropes of the waste management industry, managing clients including the Metro Toronto Conference Centre and Cadillac Fairview, while working as a waste auditor and a sustainable solutions advisor at Turtle Island Recycling (now a division of GFL Environmental Services). In late 2012 Jocelyn graduated with a Masters of Applied Environmental Science and Management from Ryerson University, specializing in consumer waste diversion behaviours. While completing this graduate work, Jocelyn served as Environmental Sustainability Advisor for Pride Toronto and worked as Business Development Officer for ZooShare Biogas Co-operative; Canada’s first co-operatively owned biogas project creating renewable energy from animal manure and supermarket food waste at The Toronto Zoo.

In early 2013, Jocelyn founded Wastenot Worm Farms, securing the company’s first pilot project and later that year the first Green Bins Growing office food waste recycling service client. That fall, the Centre for Social Innovation selected Wastenot as an Agent of Change, to help incubate the business.